Broadcast Receiver
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Android Broadcast Receiver tutorial

What is Android Broadcast Receiver? A broadcast receiver is an Android application component which allows you to register for system generated events or application events. All registered broadcast receiver for a particular event are notified by the Android runtime once the registered event fires. The Broadcast Receiver’s job is to pass a notification to the […]

Android Service Sample code for Playing Music on Background
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Android Service Sample code for Playing Music on Background

What is Android Service? Android Service is a process runs on background indefinitely, but the special thing is about the android service is it doesn’t need user interaction. Android Services examples are like playing music in background. It is a long running process in the background. In this Android Service Sample code for Playing Music […]

Android Service Life Cycle
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Android Service Life Cycle Tutorial

Android Service Android Service is an application component that is used to perform long-running operations such a playing music in the background, handle network transactions etc all from the background. Android Service does not provide a user interface. Android Service runs indefinitely in the background unless they explicitly stopped or destroyed. Android application component can […]