Android AbsoluteLayout Tutorials

Android AbsoluteLayout is a layout type that allows you to position your views in the screen using the X, Y coordinates. That is you can specify the exact location of its children by using x and y coordinates. Android AbsoluteLayout What is a layout in android?. What are all the different types of layouts in […]

Android TableLayout Tutorial

Android TableLayout is used to arrange groups of views into rows and columns which is same as Table tag in HTML. In otherwords we can say that TableLayout is a ViewGroup that displays child View elements in rows and columns. TableLayout structure is as shown below. Android TableLayout A layout that arranges its children into […]

Android GridLayout Tutorial

Android GridLayout places the views in a two-dimensional rectangular scrollable grid (rows and columns). Android GridLayouts in XML Resource Files What is Layouts in android ? What are the different types of layouts in android?. I have already discussed tutorial on different types of layout in android. Android GridLayout is declared within an XML file […]

Android RelativeLayout Tutorial

Android RelativeLayout as the name says, position the views in the screen or in the activity with respect to the other components or relative to each other. Android RelativeLayout is a view group that arranges the child views or UI components in relative positions. In Relative Layout, you can use attributes “above, below, left and […]

Android LinearLayout Tutorial

What is a Layout ? A Layout specify the alignment of widgets (such as Text, Buttons, EditText box) as we can see in our Android Application screen or activity. All the visual structure we see in our android app is designed using different Layouts in android. I have already discussed the different layouts in android […]

Android Frame Layout Tutorial

Android Frame Layout is one of the simple layout to align user controls in the activity. There are number of layouts provided by android which you can use while developing android application to provide a good structure for your UI components. Android layouts are used to provide good look and feel to your android applications.  […]

Android Layouts Tutorial

Android layouts defines the structure for a user interface in your android app screen. All user elements are aligned in the screen using different layout provided by the android.  View is the base class for widgets, which are used to create user interactive user interface (UI) components like buttons, EditText, TextView etc. The ViewGroup (subclass […]

How to send email using android code

How to send email using android code | using this tutorial we can easily learn android programming to send email using android application. You need to write few lines of code only as given in the below example. How to send email using android code Example Android code given below is the example of sending […]